About Our Company Green Thumbs Up Inc. is your go-to resource for
beautiful, sustainable landscapes.

We specialize in designs that minimize waste and maximize natural resources through organic design. Based in Palo Alto, California, we are dedicated to designing and installing beautiful and eco-friendly garden spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We offer custom designed gardens, consulting services, and redesign plans for your residential and commercial landscape. Our team of experts will transform your outdoor spaces into an aesthetically pleasing and functional landscape.

Green Thumbs Up Inc. is led and owned by Fanny Obadia. As Principle Designer on all projects, she demonstrates hands-on involvement from conception to completion. Fanny and her team are dedicated to providing clients with a design that is unique to their style and their needs. She pays special attention to creating a sustainable landscape and garden in many design styles, including contemporary, modern, English, Japanese, children play areas, fruit and vegetable gardens, sustainable and low-water gardens.

Aftercare services are available to ensure your garden space continues to flourish and blossom with our routine maintenance and preservation services.

About Fanny

Fanny Obadia is passionate about plants and loves the experience of each new garden
she helps blossom into a thriving success.

Fanny Obadia is passionate about plants and loves the experience of each new garden she helps blossom into a thriving success. Born and raised in Canada Fanny grew up in a location that only experienced 2 months in the summertime. She only began to realize her untapped skill as a horticulturist when she later moved to California. She quickly gave up on her career in marketing to pursue her newly found desire to learn more about environmental horticulture and later landscape design.

As she began to help people transform their garden spaces into an oasis of flourishing beauty and architecture, she was told over and over again that she was magic! She brings to life anything she touches with her hands-on care because it is what she loves to do so much.

Fanny has a deep connection with nature and enjoys being in the thick of it whenever possible. She often takes nature walks collecting rocks around the beautiful Bay Area and beyond. Her passion for nature allows her to use another skill she enjoys which is photography. She loves to take pictures of wild flowers and she appreciates the combination of colors, textures, and balance.

In her studies, she has learned the art and meaning of rock placement similar to that of the Japanese. She follows what speaks to her, taking her to many places around the world where she has visited greenhouses, botanical gardens, bird watching, habitats that attract small animals and birds, butterfly gardens, and so much more. She is a student of nature and is constantly learning and growing from her experiences and she gladly shares this knowledge with her clients. By working with Fanny, clients are able to watch as their dream gardens unfold right before their eyes.

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