Vertical GardensIntroducing “Off the Wall” Vertical Garden Systems

Fanny Obadia, Owner of Green Thumbs Up Inc.,
Showing “Off the Wall” Vertical Garden Systems at the NorCal Plant
Show in San Mateo CA (2016)

Installing the Off the Wall Garden System

The Off the Wall Story

In 2015, Fanny Obadia, CEO of Green Thumbs Up, wanted to find a way to conserve water during a draught, while maintaining the beauty and design that lush gardens have to offer. She was on a mission to find a product that would bring ease-of-use, practicality, and beauty to the garden at an affordable price. After experimenting with many products on the market, and not finding exactly what she wanted, Fanny discovered the Off the Wall Vertical Garden System and immediately started installing them into her clients homes and gardens. The system made it so easy for her clients to enjoy greenery inside and outside of their homes and businesses, while conserving water, and needing minimal maintenance. Off the Wall Vertical Garden System has become a staple in the design of many homes and businesses, globally, Fanny is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Off the Wall Vertical Garden Systems in the United States.

How it Works

  • The Off the Wall Vertical Garden System is made up of 100% recycled, modular, stackable, double-lined removable plastic pots, that you can configure into any size wall.
  • The system gets watered from one irrigation source in the top left corner of the display.
  • Plants are planted in an inner pot, which then is added to the outer pot. So if a plant needs to get switched out, it’s easy to do in seconds!
  • When you water your Off the Wall system, the inner pot has an ‘overflow’ sensor that pushes excess water to the pot below it, allowing your entire system to get watered from one source in a quarter of the time!
  • Once you’ve selected the size of your Off the Wall Vertical Garden, you can plant any kid of plant (indoor, or outdoor) in the system.

Wall and what is included not what it comes with:

The Off the Wall Garden system is shipped in lightweight
boxes of 8 units. Each unit includes:

  • Inner pot layer for planting
  • Outer pot layer (in pod of three) for attaching to wall
  • Screws

When purchasing the Off the Wall Garden System keep in mind you need:

  • A flat surface to install your wall on (Wood, Carbon Cement)
  • An 1/2″ Irrigation PVC pipe the width of your wall, to go along the top row to water your wall. (we recommend puncturing 2 holes per unit, so that the plants get watered evenly)
  • A tap to go on the end of the irrigation pipe so that water doesn’t escape from the other side. (All materials are inexpensive and easy to find at any local hardware store )

Not sure about where to start?

2 Hour Consultation $350, includes:

  • Site Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Expert Advice
  • Answer All of Your Questions